Baruzzi has designed for its customers a whole series of services with a not negligible usefulness.

First of all, the delivery and installation of the finished product take place without distance limits. The technical office is always available to guide the buyer towards a conscious use of the prefabricated structure, which can be modified or integrated at any time.

Baruzzi also assists tenants, who provisionally manage the facilities provided by the company. For those requiring chemical WCs for hire, maintenance is included in the price: suction, collection and disposal of waste, washing, disinfection and replenishment of sanitizing detergents are essential operations for the good functioning of the cabins.

Finally, for animal lovers, Baruzzi proposes the adoption of Mister Fido, a toilet for dogs that can be easily integrated into gardens, public or private: the natural environment, the quality of the walk and the architectural features of the green areas find in this service a respectful meeting point. To find out more about the option, visit the website



Baruzzi s.r.l. builds boxes, caravans and monoblocks for industrial sites, as well as for public and private bodies. Its equipped and functional modules are custom-made.

The Baruzzi company has the building philosophy always in mind and realizes, at the request of the client, the prefabricated premises they need: kiosks built using different materials and following aesthetic lines in compliance with the destination environment; modules designed to accommodate plants for productive and industrial use; transportable structures or structures created according to specific capacity requirements; offices, schools, locker rooms and shops.
Functionality and precision are the key words of these structures, which can be completed with "turnkey" installations, or adapted to certain uses in successive phases.

Baruzzi does not limit himself to perfecting his works by assembling doors, windows, electrical and water-sanitary systems, but it prepares the most varied implementations, to deliver a finished product that conforms to the pre-established purpose. The same philosophy is adopted for the development of mechanical, thermal, air conditioning and data-telephone systems, as well as anti-seismic, fire-fighting, or ballistic resistance systems.

Baruzzi builds soundproofed, thermally insulated environments for customers, with special lifting or opening functions. Many other accessories can be requested as needed, such as alarms, emergency exits and ramps for the disabled.

The profound knowledge of the business and technical-specialist realities allows the company to set up real workshops, high power generators and machinery for any activity. Just think of the monoblocks recently designed for medical rehabilitation, with state-of-the-art physiotherapy equipment, or the multi-storey complex set up on a boat used as a sugar refinery.



To guarantee a wide range of choice and to give visibility to its achievements, the company has set up a rental area, in which prefabricated structures are already ready for use. The models in question take advantage of an exhibition space of 14,500 square meters, clearly visible along the A14 motorway between Cesena and Forlì.
This sizable warehouse contains modules that meet the most common needs: the rental service fulfills the demand for temporary hygienic booths, modules equipped for parties, construction sites or fairs, cabins and changing rooms for sporting events or for other events. However, less common needs are not ignored: in the large parking lot, there are also prefabricated composites, with specific technical or reception functions.

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